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A Life Transformation Method
To Set You Free From Anxiety


CK Life Coaching: Conquer Your Anxiety and Embrace Happiness.

Discover the transformative power of CK Life Coaching. We've triumphed over anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and depression, and now live happier, more confident lives through emotional intelligence. You can too! Let us guide you on this journey.

Why Choose Our Method?

With 25 years of business transformation expertise and 15 years of self-help study, we've developed a life transformation method that's logical, easy to learn, and highly effective. Don't just take our word for it—our testimonials speak for themselves.

We use a simple 5-Step Process, that anybody can learn, to:
•    Understand and overcome any emotional issue.
•    Learn how the mind and body work through emotional intelligence.
•    Use structured problem-solving to address root causes.
•    Master the 5 most effective tools to control your emotions and boost happiness.

Real Experience, Real Results
We've studied the top self-help experts globally, but our greatest qualification is our own journey to long-lasting happiness and confidence. We've faced and conquered various issues, so we understand what you're experiencing and how to change it.

Affordable, Effective Coaching
Our services cater to every budget, centered around the "Heal Your Anxiety & Be Happier" course book. In our coaching sessions, you share only what you're comfortable with as we teach the method using examples from our experiences. Homework and practice between sessions ensure your success.

Transform your life for good!

Our Services

1.  Heal Your Anxiety & Be Happier book   
2.  Group Workshops
3.  121 Coaching

About Us
Rob & Sukey Carder

Together, we bring over 40 years of combined experience in business transformation and personal development. We've overcome low confidence, bullying, social anxiety, negative thoughts, and more, using methods like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Our personal journey from struggle to happiness inspired us to help others. Now, through CK Life Coaching, we aim to support you in achieving the same transformation.


"I’m doing really well & feeling so much better. I can’t see past the good stuff now, every day I feel better about life & making the most of it. 2 years of counselling didn’t help at all, & all I had to do was your 5 week course! Thank you for your help"

Anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, self harming

ABOUT US - Rob & Sukey Carder

We can help you to improve your life & increase your happiness by teaching you a proven method to overcome emotional issues, build confidence & create a bright future. Kaizen means good change or continuous improvement & provides the framework for our life transformation coaching system. We specialise in anxiety, panic attacks, phobias & depression, but can help with confidence, general happiness & many other issues.

We have been happily married for over 22 years. Sukey has run her own successful hair dressing business for 19 years, coaching her clients from behind the chair.

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Rob has 25 years experience as a Lean 6 Sigma black belt, which is a high level business problem solver & business transformation expert, & coaches people inside & outside of work.


In the past, between us we have experienced low confidence, low self-esteem, bullying, shyness, blushing & social anxiety, negative thoughts, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety & depression & tried a variety of medication, counsellors, therapists, & hypnotherapists with very little effect. Frustrated with the lack of help, these life challenges became the catalyst for change & we decided to be pro-active & help ourselves. We studied Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, & Transactional Analysis & learned from the best self-help experts in the world such as Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, The Speakmans, Paul McKenna & Louise L. Hay. Over a number of years, through trying hundreds of methods, techniques, pills, & potions, we gradually found what worked, overcame the issues, & our lives & happiness improved.

Through our work, we regularly came into contact with people experiencing similar challenges so we started to help others & it was very successful. Having suffered for many years without help, our passion now is to help as many as possible through this website.

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