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We have beaten anxiety, panic attacks, phobias & depression & you can too. We offer a range of services to suit every budget, all based around the Heal Your Anxiety & Be Happier Course Book which will guide you through the process of understanding & beating your issues, & so increasing your daily happiness. It uses the 5 best tools as used by the best self help coaches in the world & is written in plain, simple language so it is easy to understand & put into practice. The course book is split into 5 chapters with self analysis homework to be completed between each session.

Options are:

  • Download the course book & work through it alone.

  • Download a 1 hour video to guide you through how to complete the course book yourself (course book included).

  • Join the 5 session group course either via payment per session or a discounted payment plan.

  • Book 5 sessions of one to one personalised training either via payment per session or a discounted payment plan. 

  • Book a refresher session if you have already completed the course but at a later date want to discuss a specific issue one to one.

Heal Your Anxiety Course Video (COMING SOON)
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